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10 Steps to Follow When Moving Your Business

When relocating your business, timing is key. You will want to ensure that you avoid moving during your busy periods. To help ensure a smooth transition, consider creating a planning spreadsheet that breaks down tasks and deadlines.

On occasion, businesses must move their operations elsewhere following things like the end of a lease or an organizational expansion. While moving a business can sometimes be an exciting milestone, it often takes months of meticulous planning and an eye for the finer details.

What’s more, during a move, businesses may experience challenges that can adversely impact their bottom lines if the proper planning isn’t considered. As such, it’s important to keep in mind the following to ensure a successful move:

  1. Set a moving budget, accounting for all moving and transitioning services, potential updates to the new location, lost revenue due to downtime and any insurance needs.
  2. Create an internal move committee and hold meetings to discuss action items. This group will also help you keep track of receipts, invoices, contracts and other important documentation.
  3. Communicate moving plans to your employees well in advance.
  4. Hire a qualified mover and order packing materials.
  5. Take inventory on connectivity requirements, scheduling the removal of technology from the current facility and installation at the new facility. Make several backup copies of all company data.
  6. Identify a point person who will handle any questions during the move.
  7. Create move packets for employees, complete with parking instructions, building information, seating charts, packing materials, expectations and the finalized move schedule.
  8. Collect old security keys and ID cards, and distribute new ones.
  9. Remind employees to unpack, and provide instructions on where to stack boxes and moving materials, if applicable.
  10. Confirm that all change-of-address corrections have been made.

In addition to the above, consider revising your insurance policies and discussing any additional insurance needs in preparation for the move with your broker.

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