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ABEXAccess.com News: Your Policy Renewal Data Will Be Pre-Loaded

Baby Ostrich in EggIn gearing up to our official launch of ABEXAccess.com, we will continue to provide you with information of what your experience will be like with this groundbreaking platform for Real-Time rating and paperless policy issuance.

Why is it awesome?

To help make it easy for you to come on board with ABEXAccess.com, the ABEX team will enter your policy renewal data into the system for you. That way whenever you login to ABEXAccess.com, your policies that are coming up for renewal or have been renewed will already be in the system! 

 How does it work?

As we approach rollout of ABEXAccess.com, the ABEX team will enter policy renewal data into the system. Prior to the renewal, the information collected from your client may be updated before ABEX issues the renewal. As brokers come on board with ABEX, they will be able to see all of their ABEX policies. ABEX understands that brokers all have different workflows and levels of technology and will work with everyone to ensure the best experience and subsequent benefits from using ABEXAccess.com!

Your brokerage will be notified by ABEX when they can start using ABEXAccess.com and receive onboarding information. When you have gone through the onboarding process and login to ABEXAccess.com, you will be able to look up policies for your clients, confirm the policy details, and submit new business to ABEX for referral and policy issuance – all in Real-Time!

Show me!

Below is an example of a screen shot. Information about the new renewal policy will be entered into ABEXAccess.com by ABEX staff.

ABEX staff will issue the policy and send the policy information to you. Once you are onboard with ABEXAccess.com, you will be able to see all of your policy information!  

Renewal Policy

Please click here for a larger image and click here to learn from our blog about other ABEXAccess.com features. 

ABEXAccess.com will be released in the coming weeks, and those interested in test driving it can contact us at quotes@abexinsurance.com

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