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Holiday Parties and Safe Alcohol Consumption

glasses_on_christmas_tableAs the holidays approach, many companies are having their end-of-the-year celebrations. These events are a fun way to thank employees for a successful year; however, they can also create a number of liability concerns—especially if alcohol will be present.

When planning your holiday party, keep in mind the following tips to guarantee a fun and safe event for all:

Include language about appropriate conduct in your invites. You should also remind employees to drink responsibly, highlighting the importance of moderation.

Limit alcohol availability. Refrain from allowing employees to have limitless access to alcohol. Using drink vouchers is a good way to control how many drinks your employees consume. If possible, hire professional bartenders to serve drinks at your event, as they have been trained to detect when someone has been over-served.

Provide transportation. When possible, offer access to shuttles or taxis. No employee should be allowed to drive home if they are suspected to be over the limit.

Offer alcohol alternatives. Don’t assume that all of your employees will want to drink. Providing nonalcoholic beverages will keep non-drinkers happy and give those who are done drinking something else to drink.

Holding your party off-site at a bar or restaurant can help your company avoid additional legal concerns should problems arise, as liability generally falls on the venue.


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