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Licensing Liability Risks

Many businesses such as food companies, manufacturers, fashion firms use third party intellectual property (IP) provided to them by way of a license agreement.

CFC specialist product provides protection for unintentional breaches of this agreement. Check out some of our recent risks in this area.

Celebrity endorsement deal

A drinks company had an endorsement agreement with a renowned music artist with the intention that the artist would promote and market the drinks on the artist’s social media platforms, as well as at concerts and events. The agreement required the artist to purchase insurance for breach of contract, as well as IP infringement and breach of confidentiality. The artist had media liability insurance for their music but didn’t have anything in place for the endorsement agreement.

CFC’s license agreement liability policy provided a solution for this, specific to the drink’s company’s contract.

Merchandise license agreement

A manufacturer of collectibles had an agreement with a major toy company to use popular imagery on some merchandise. The manufacturer carried a small errors and omissions sub-limit on their package policy, but their policy’s $250k sub-limit for IP infringement did not meet the toy company’s requirements for a $2m limit, and the existing insurer had no capacity to increase it.

CFC were able to write a contract specific policy which met the toy company’s requirements, enabling the manufacturer to sign the agreement and earn profit from the merchandise sales.

Brand sponsorship of events

A car company and a credit card company sponsor a popular food festival in the USA. As part of their agreement with the festival organizer, they license the use of their logos, trademarks and promotional videos to the festival for a short period of time. As licensors, they are concerned with the protection of their IP and trademarks and request the licensee to purchase IP infringement cover, as well as breach of the sponsorship agreement, so they insert a $5m insurance requirement into the agreement.

The festival organizer was able to purchase cover from CFC for both sponsorship agreements under a single policy.

Naming rights

A cryptocurrency exchange wanted to become sponsors of their local basketball team in the USA to show their support and increase the visibility of their brand. The sponsorship involved a change in name of the basketball arena that the team trained in. Originally it was named after the previous sponsor, an airline, but it would now be changed to the name of the cryptocurrency exchange.

The contractual agreement presented an IP exposure that the sponsored party did not have cover for, since they were granted rights to use players’ images and team logos in their own advertising, CFC’s license agreement liability policy was able to satisfy this need.

Source: www.cfcunderwriting.com

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