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Management Liability Insurance Guide

Management liability insurance is there to protect the management of the company and its subsidiaries, its employees and sometimes the entity itself. It’s a necessity for any company, big or small.

As regulation around corporate behavior and reporting increases, directors and officers are under more scrutiny than ever before. You don’t need to be guilty to be sued – even unfounded accusations of a wrongful act can lead to significant defence costs.

Download CFC’s latest Canada-specific guide by clicking here to find out why management liability insurance is a must-have for any business.

In the guide you’ll learn about:

What a good policy should include
From employee practice liability to crime, but what about kidnap and random or reputation protection?

Key exposures
There’s more obvious risks that impact directors and officers, these are employees, customers and investors / shareholders. But the lesser obvious include regulators and ESG.

Which industries would benefit from a management liability policy
In short, all of them! But it’s suitable for more industries than you’d think.

Policies in action
Take a look at how the policy would be triggered in these scenarios

Conversation starters
Helpful tips and topics to cover with your clients when talking about the importance of management liability insurance

Common misconceptions
Some businesses think they don’t need management liability insurance, so to help you explain the value to your clients CFC has put together five of the most common misconceptions and how to debunk them.

Source: www.cfcunderwriting.com

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