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Greening Your Business

Organizations that “go green” do so in order to lessen the impact their operations have on the environment. Greening a business not only reduces wastes, conserves water and saves energy, but it can also result in the following:

  • Reduced costs due to consuming less. This means less overhead and an improved bottom line.
  • Reduced costs due to recycling and reusing materials and goods. In some cases, disposing of waste can be expensive, especially as landfill space gets smaller and smaller.
  • An enhanced public image. Being socially and environmentally responsible is an attractive trait to both potential customers and employees. Going green is a simple way to gain a competitive advantage or even attract new talent.

Going green has many perks, and companies that have the organizational support to develop environmentally friendly initiatives should consider implementing a green plan. While it’s not always easy or practical to overhaul a company’s environmental practices, the following steps can simplify the implementation process of a green policy:

  1. Create a green implementation team to create organized leadership.
  2. Inventory your initiatives and your organization’s current environmental footprint.
  3. Create a short list of realistic and impactful green initiatives.
  4. Set clear goals and measure your performance over time.
  5. Establish an implementation schedule for your goals. This will help you determine what tasks need to be done, who is responsible for specific items and what resources are needed.
  6. Roll out your plan and communicate the results across your organization.

Greening a business is not something that happens overnight. Organizations should continually evaluate their green plan and look for ways to continually improve.

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