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3 Questions to Ask When Addressing Sexual Harassment at Your Business

It’s always been important to protect your business and employees from sexual harassment, but recent high-profile cases show the importance of re-examining this topic at your business. Social movements like “Me Too” have drawn attention to sexual harassment in the workplace, resulting in a growing number of misconduct allegations. These allegations can lead to a wide variety of claims as well as serious financial and reputational damage.

Insurance companies, courts and regulatory agencies will begin to examine businesses closely to ensure they take sexual harassment seriously and act to protect their employees and customers. The following are some questions you need to consider when addressing sexual harassment at your business:

  1. How do you encourage employees to report inappropriate conduct? The best way to address sexual harassment allegations is to respond quickly. Regularly remind employees that there won’t be any retaliation for reporting inappropriate behaviour. You should also ensure there are multiple ways for employees to make anonymous reports to management.
  2. Does your employee harassment training address your workplace’s unique traits? A standard workplace policy is a good starting point for addressing sexual harassment, but you should also think about how your employees interact with co-workers and customers.
  3. Do your insurance policies include exclusions for sexual harassment? Many commercial general liability policies exclude claims for sexual harassment. Depending on the policy wording, sexual misconduct-related events may or may not be covered, so it’s important to be specific and ask questions during the underwriting process.

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