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The Risks of Telecommuting for Employers

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesAllowing employees to work remotely has become increasing popular over the years, as more prospective employees seek the convenience and the work-life balance that telecommuting offers. Telecommuting can generate cost savings, bolster employee morale and help companies attract diverse talent. However, before implementing a telecommuting policy, employers should be aware of the three most common risks.

Productivity and Communication

When employees work off-site and away from management, concerns about workflow and productivity may arise. To address this, communication is key. Not only will consistent check-ins build ongoing relationships, but they will also help remote employees understand what is expected of them.

Network Security

When you give remote employees access to your internal network, you open yourself up to the risk of data breaches. To prevent this, employers should provide secure, company-issued equipment and prohibit administrator privileges.

Social Activities

According to experts, socializing among peers in the workplace is important for morale and trust. Employees who work remotely miss out on these networking opportunities. Holding regular staff meetings that include remote workers will help create a team mentality between on-site and off-site employees. In addition, extending company event invitations to remote employees will make them feel more included.

Although most organizations may treat telecommuting differently, a well-defined remote work policy will set clear expectations for employers and employees. Successful policies should account for the aforementioned risks and can include formal review processes as well as uniform guidelines to determine eligibility.


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