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Ways to Avoid Employment-related Liability

Employment-related lawsuits can occur for a variety reasons. Even something as common as a disgruntled employee who has been terminated for legitimate reasons can trigger legal action.

The fact remains that litigation can occur at any time, most often without warning. Employers who are not prepared for this could face expensive and embarrassing consequences as a result of a lawsuit.

To protect themselves, organizations should keep in mind the following tips to avoid employment-related liability:

  • Review and update your employee handbook. In the event of legal action, outdated employee guidance can create inconsistencies with your policies, which can look bad during a lawsuit.
  • Train supervisors and managers so they know how to respond in certain situations—particularly if workplace harassment is reported or observed.
  • Review your exit interview process to ensure they are conducted in a fair manner and are designed to gather vital information related to turnover and workplace culture.
  • Conduct wage audits and conduct performance evaluations to ensure that employees feel valued and that you have a system in place to provide fair compensation.

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