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4 Things to Consider When Creating a Terrorism-response Plan

emergency rescuersAccording to the 2015 Global Terrorism Index, which provides an overview of key trends and patterns in terrorism over the last 15 years, the impact of terrorism on Canada is relatively low. However, although terrorist attacks in Canada are rare, they do happen.

What’s more, trends suggest that terrorist attacks are targeting nightclubs, planned events and office buildings — essentially, anywhere that people gather. And, if a business is unprepared when such an attack occurs, they may face a complete halt in business or worse. To protect your employees and your business, it’s important to consider the following when developing an overall terrorism-response strategy:

    1. Crisis management. Having a good crisis management plan in place allows for a quick recovery. Crisis management plans give organizations the means to respond quickly to an attack, so they can gauge its severity and act accordingly. Essentially, crisis management involves building an ideal framework around leadership to ensure they have the power to respond quickly.
    2. Crisis communication. Following an attack, businesses should have a plan for reaching out to employees, customers and vendors. Post-attack communication is important and allows businesses to provide updates on health and safety as well as provide a report on how the company was impacted.
    3. Philanthropy. After an attack, it’s the business’s responsibility to provide emotional and financial help to its staff, as needed. This is not only a moral obligation, but it also shows an investment in your employee’s well-being.
    4. Business continuity and disaster recovery. A terrorist attack can derail an unprepared business. To account for acts of terror and other disasters, it’s important to have a business continuity plan in place. This plan should account for the recovery of management, IT systems and all other critical functions.

Keeping in mind these simple concepts when constructing a terrorism-response plan can go a long way toward ensuring the health and safety of your business and employees.

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