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ABEXAccess.com News: Initial Broker Rollout Will Begin VERY Soon!

Ostrich with open beak In gearing up to our official launch of ABEXAccess.com, we will continue to provide you with information of what your experience will be like with this groundbreaking platform for Real-Time rating and paperless policy issuance.

The wait is almost over!

Over the past few months we have been providing you with information about some of the most exciting features that you will be able to do with ABEXAccess.com.

The entire ABEX team is excited to tell you that your wait to try it out yourself is nearly over! We are currently finalizing our own internal user testing and details of the broker rollout.

How does it work?

As described in a previous newsletter, our staff will enter your existing renewals into ABEXAccess and issue your client’s renewal policies.

An initial group of Brokers will be provided access to the ABEXAccess.com site to view their renewed policy information and enter new business. This group of Brokers will be expanded to all ABEX Brokers in the coming months.

Want to learn more? 

Please click on the links below to learn more about this revolutionary solution for Real-Time rating and paperless policy issuance.


ABEXAccess.com will be released in the coming weeks, and those interested in test driving it can contact us at quotes@abexinsurance.com



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