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Creating Pre-incident Fire Plans

Recent fires in British Columbia have contributed to one of the worst fire seasons on record, leading to more than 12,984 sq. km of damage and illustrating the importance of proper preparation. Not only can fires cause major property damage, but they can also endanger your employees, business operations and supply chains. However, you can prepare your business ahead of time by making a comprehensive fire plan. To help with the creation process, consider the following:

  • Consider how your business would be impacted following a fire. Conduct a risk assessment to understand potential exposures and plan accordingly. Contact a third party for help with your assessment if needed.
  • Contact your local first responders for help. Building a relationship with your local fire department can save valuable time in the event of a disaster. Moreover, you can exchange useful information like your building’s floor plans and fire escape routes to help create a fire plan. In fact, in some provinces, businesses are required to work with local fire departments when creating their plans.
  • Create a communication plan that accounts for your employees, clients, vendors and other stakeholders. In the face of a disaster, communication is key. As such, it’s important to establish protocols for communicating with employees and partners. At a minimum, you’ll need to know how you will provide status updates and next steps during and after a fire. Consider creating a crisis management team to keep you organized.
  • Consider your business continuity options. Any disruptions to your workplace, supply chains or vendors can cause costly delays. Work with a qualified insurance broker to discuss policy options that help you recover quickly following a disaster.

Fires are an ongoing concern wherever there is dry, hot weather, making careful planning and dedicated insurance a must. Contact your insurance broker today for coverage and loss prevention strategies.

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