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Federal Budget Details $600 Million Investment in Cyber Security

The federal government recently released its 2018-19 budget. Among other important allocations, the government announced an investment of more than $600 million in data privacy. Specifically, the budget calls for $507.7 million over the next five years and $108.8 million each year thereafter for a new national cyber security strategy to help protect Canadians and their sensitive personal information.

A portion of the funds—$155.2 million during the next five years and $44.5 million per year thereafter—will go toward establishing a new Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity. This centre will allow the government to consolidate its cyber expertise under one roof as well as establish a single source of advice, guidance, services and support on cyber security-related matters.

In addition to funding the creation of the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity, the government will provide $236.5 million over the next five years and $41.2 million per year thereafter to support the national cyber security strategy. This strategy is designed to do the following:

  • Enhance the government’s ability to investigate, prepare for and respond to cyber crime.
  • Create a voluntary cyber-certification program to help students and businesses improve their cyber security.
  • Improve cyber security on a national level by working alongside provincial, territorial, private-sector and international partners.

To learn more about these and other investments, review the government’s website on the 2018-19 federal budget.

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