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Senior Management Poses Greatest Security Risk

Executive with laptopAccording to security firm Stroz Friedberg’s poll of 764 information workers who regularly use a computer for their jobs, senior management shows the highest risk of leaking sensitive information. Fifty-eight per cent of the polled senior managers said they have mistakenly sent sensitive information, and 51 per cent said they have taken sensitive data with them after leaving a job—twice as many as lower-level workers.

Other statistics from the poll:

  • Nearly 75 per cent of workers upload work files to a personal email or cloud account.

The reason for this potentially risky behavior? Thirty-seven per cent say they simply prefer using their personal computers, and 14 per cent say it’s too much work to bring their work computer home.

  • Only 37 per cent of workers say they’ve received mobile device security training.

Cyber security isn’t just IT’s problem—it takes a company-wide effort to ensure your sensitive data remains safe.  Contact us today to find out what else you can be doing to enhance your security efforts.


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