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Is Your Website Secure?

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesIn the wake of several high-profile cyber security scandals and the widespread Heartbleed security bug, website security is more important than ever. Without a concerted effort to safeguard your business’ website, you risk losing money due to relentless cyber attacks.

Because hackers are constantly searching for new website vulnerabilities and engineering new viruses, website security should be a round-the-clock concern—the threat will never ebb. The consequences of weakening your stance on website security, even for a second, can be disastrous: loss of revenue, damage to credibility, legal liability and broken customer trust.

Web servers, which host the data and other content available to your customers on the Internet, are the most targeted and attacked components of a company’s network. Some specific security threats to Web servers include the following:

  • Cyber criminals may exploit software bugs in the Web server.
  • Attackers can disable a network by flooding it with information.
  • Hackers may secretly read or modify sensitive information on the Web server.
  • Criminals could gain unauthorized access to resources elsewhere in your business’ network following a successful attack on the Web server.

To avoid similar threats to your website’s security, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Develop and implement a data breach response plan.
  2. Ensure that the Web server operating systems and applications meet your organization’s security requirements.
  3. Publish only appropriate information.
  4. Prevent unauthorized access or modification on your site.
  5. Protect and monitor Web security at all times.

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