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ABEX Helps Build a House for a Nicaraguan Family

Nicaragua 3

Sponsored Family

ABEX is proud that we were able to help a family in Nicaragua achieve their dream of having a safe and solid home. The house ABEX sponsored was a part of Bridges to Community Canada’s initiative to build houses for impoverished families in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua 1

House Before

Nicaragua 2

House After

Bridges to Community Canada is a nonprofit organization that has built 115 homes over the past five years in the rural farming community of El Sasle (population 1,175).  El Salse is located in the northern coffee-growing region of Jinotega. Nearly 60% of Jinotega’s residents live in extreme poverty and their homes are usually cobbled together with scrap materials. They are often overcrowded, and lack running water and appropriate sanitation facilities. For most people a safe and solid home is only a dream.

Bridges to Community’s Housing Program seeks to make this dream come true. What a difference a safe and solid house can make! Bridges builds sturdy cinderblock homes that are earthquake resistant and are designed to withstand years of heavy winds and rain. Bridges works to secure land titles for the owners so that families have a place to call their own for generations. The new homes become a place of pride where the owners can host their friends, families, and neighbors.

To build a house that is safe, dry, and secures costs just $4,000! ABEX is excited that it was able to sponsor a house for a family and make their everyday struggle a little easier.

Bridges plans to construct 20 new houses in El Sasle, helping to make a dream come true for close to 100 children and adults.

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