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ABEXAccess.com News: Quote and Issue Policy Changes!

funny ostrichIn gearing up to our official launch of ABEXAccess.com, every couple of weeks we will provide you with a little more information of what your experience will be like with this groundbreaking platform for Real-Time rating and paperless policy issuance.

Why is it awesome?

In a past issue we explained how you can quote and issue policies in Real-Time. In this issue we will show you how you can make changes to an issued policy for your client, get a new quote, and issue the policy; all in Real-Time through ABEXAccess.com!

How does it work?

Policy changes can be done securely and efficiently by going to ABEXAccess.com and selecting the active policy for your client. When viewing the policy you have an option to “Modify Policy”. When you select this option a new “version” of the policy is automatically created and you have the ability to make any changes to the information that was originally submitted for the policy. After making the changes, you can then obtain a new quote for the policy.

If your client wants to proceed with purchasing the revised quoted policy, you can accept the quote and send it to ABEX to approve in real-time.

After ABEX reviews and approves the quoted policy change, it will be sent back to you to complete the policy issuance – all in real-time!

And you’re DONE! You will be able to provide your client with the new declarations page, summary details of their information, and even issue certificates. All of this information can be either printed or emailed to your client directly out of ABEXAccess.com.

Show me!

Please note that the screen shots below are examples only.

Click here for larger screen shots

First select the policy for your client:

Select a Policy

 Then select “Modify Policy”:

Modify Policy

Make the required adjustments to the policy questions including the policy change effective date and select the “Get Quote” button.

Summary Version

You can accept the quote and send to ABEX to approve the new policy for issuance. An ABEX staff member will review the submitted policy information in ABEXAccess.com and send it back to you for approval. When you receive the approved policy, you can then proceed with policy issuance:

Issue Policy Now

And you’re done! The new declarations page, summary of the application, and even certificates can all be sent to the Insured electronically directly from ABEXAccess.com.

ABEXAccess.com will be released in the coming weeks.  If you are interested in test driving it contact us today.

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